Automatic electric cutting machine with pre-determination of the pieces and resolution of the measures in millimeters. Ideal for cutting to size of tubes, profiles, flat cables also with special insulation, such as PVC, Teflon, Tefzel, silicone, etc. Extremely compact and simple in operation, it guarantees precise cuts and high productions. The guides to direct the material to be cut slide on pins equipped with bearings for a comfortable and precise movement and adjustment. If the material is too hard, the sensor that controls the blade detects it and reopens the blade to avoid damage to the machine, returning the blade to the correct position. Ability to store 100 machining programs. The machine is supplied with safety guards, accident prevention devices, instruction manual in Italian.


Power supply: Monophase 110 - 230 V 50/60 Hz
Electrical absorption: 120 VA
Cut length: 1 mm. ÷ 100 mt.
Cut height: up to 12 mm.
Cut width: 100 mm max.
Hourly production: 100 pz/min. L = 100 mm.
Weight: 32 Kg.
Dimensions: 460 x 260 x 320 mm (L x P x H)

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